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Newborn Daze

Ah the newborn days…do I miss them? Not entirely. And I’m not even out of them yet; I’m actually staring down the barrel of them again in the very near future!  But one of the things I’m grateful we did was get some professional photos during those early days. Although the day we booked ours – day 6 – was particularly awful and I called our lovely photographer to explain I couldn’t possibly look at my son lovingly that day. Thankfully she did still come by to grab a few snaps so we could use them for his dedication that week and then came back a few weeks later. I went through them the other day and maybe it’s the hormones, but it made me feel giddy at the prospect of having a tiny baby all over again. {Disclaimer: giddy with a healthy dose of terrified mixed in}

This is what exhaustion looks like

This is what exhaustion looks like

These are taken on my nonno's old chair

These are taken on my nonno’s old chair


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fall family photos

Like every parent will tell you, ‘the days are long but the years are short.’ When it comes to Jack’s first year, truer words were never spoken. I blinked and we’d reached that milestone. And to that end, I wanted to make sure we marked the occasion with photos of our little family. Once again, Crystal from The Flourish Photography captured beautiful memories for us to look back on and they incorporate all my favourite things: James, Jack and fall {autumn to the proper Aussies reading this!}








The frown that cracks us up all the time

The frown that cracks us up all the time


this cheeky face sums up our happy one year old

this cheeky face sums up our happy one year old