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Newborn Daze

Ah the newborn days…do I miss them? Not entirely. And I’m not even out of them yet; I’m actually staring down the barrel of them again in the very near future! ┬áBut one of the things I’m grateful we did was get some professional photos during those early days. Although the day we booked ours – day 6 – was particularly awful and I called our lovely photographer to explain I couldn’t possibly look at my son lovingly that day. Thankfully she did still come by to grab a few snaps so we could use them for his dedication that week and then came back a few weeks later. I went through them the other day and maybe it’s the hormones, but it made me feel giddy at the prospect of having a tiny baby all over again. {Disclaimer: giddy with a healthy dose of terrified mixed in}

This is what exhaustion looks like

This is what exhaustion looks like

These are taken on my nonno's old chair

These are taken on my nonno’s old chair


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